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TKC Ministries  February  2022

Current Topic:   Soldiers for the Lord!

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There is no doubt that tension in the world amongst people and governments are at extremely high levels.

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Protests are looming everywhere , violence is raging in our communities , and some countries want to invade others!  One has to say , wow! , there sure is a whole lots of trouble brewing.

However , as the headlines roar with doom and gloom , and wars and rumors of wars , there is one conflict that gets little or no attention , and yet it involves each and every one of us.

Ephesians 6:12 - For we wrestle not against flesh and blood , but against the rulers of the darkness of this world , against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Many of us are familiar with this verse , and those that follow , that explain putting on the whole Armour of God to fight the devil. 

 Prepare for battle....... 


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I wanted to share some of my battle tactics , and then get some sound advise from that great preacher of the gospel , Mr. Charles Spurgeon.

My tips.....

  • I recall a Gospel preacher stating that , whenever the devil is bothering you , just starting praying and praising about Jesus dying and shedding his blood on the cross.

   * daily things - you can pray anywhere! , while at home I use a 'pray shawl' , one preacher said it's like being in a camp meeting with God!


  * There may be a lot of negativity , when it comes to the Internet , however it is also jammed packed with an overwhelming amount of Christian material.   I particularly like listening to the old gospel preachers , they loved Jesus , and were not ashamed or bashful about spreading the gospel.

Try to read your bible as often as you can. 

* I have the Bible on CD , listen at home , in my car ,outdoors

 *At night I usually find a good site online that will read bible verses , accompanied by soft relaxing music.  Or I may just put on Mr. Alexander Scourby , and listen as he reads the scriptures with his powerful and dramatic voice.

  • Online they also have dramatized versions of scripture that you can enjoy.

  • Become a cheerful giver  , it's something God admires -        2 Corinthians 9:7

    * I started this website in 2008 , anyone could do something similar.  My younger brother , texts me and our older brother , a scriptures , everyday.

    * intercessory prayer - all of us have plenty of folks we can pray for , on our jobs , in our neighborhoods , the grocery store , the mailman , at Burger starting to get the picture?!

From his sermon......"war , war , war "  , Charles Spurgeon preached this sermon on May 1 1859.   His message was taken from the book of 1Samuel 18:17 - Fight the battles of the Lord........


Charles Spurgeon   June 19  1834  -  January 31 1892

Mr. Sprugeon says , 'Fight God's battles not your own'!    Fight against sin , doctrine , and war.   Fight these battles and you will have enough to do.

Seek grace to fight sin. On your knees wrestle with it.  As sin appears fight it with the sword of faith.

Take your lusts to the foot of the cross.  The blood of Christ will deliver you.

Go after pride , laziness , lust and unbelief , and these battles will keep you more than busy.

Cry to God for your strength!  , And when you have conquered these issues , go on to others until you have them all subdued.

While this battle is raging , go out and fight against other men's sins.  Use your life and testimony as weapons.  Ask for God's blessing , then bear your witness against sin.  Slay young and old , let none escape.  Speak sternly if the sinner is hardened in his sin.  Speak gently if it's his first offense , seeking not to break his head , but yet break the iniquity from off him , not to break his bones or wound his feelings , but to cut his sin in two , and leave his iniquity dead.

Your fight against sin must be protested daily , hourly , by act , by word , by pen , by tongue.  be like burning and shining lights in darkness , and as two edged swords in the midst of the army of sin.  Examples......."Jonah"  , or you can yell out ......"look to the cross and live! , look to the cross and live!"

Christian soldiers! , don't laugh when you see soldiers doing the same drills over and over again , but nevertheless when thrown into battle , all the repetitious moves , come into use.


Photo by   Imprensa Agruban

Postures a Christian soldier should take.......

1 - down on both knees , hands up , and eyes lifted up to heaven.  This is called 'The posture of prayer'  , because on our knees Christ's church is more than a conqueror.  The praying army is an army of heroes.  Those who learn this posture , have learned the first part of the heavenly drill.

2 - The next posture is - feet firm , hands still , and eyes lifted up!   This is a very different posture , although it looks easy.  Stand still and see the salvation of God.  A good example , the children of Israel standing before the Red Sea with Pharoah's army barreling down on them from the rear!  For someone to say 'stand still and watch the salvation of the Lord'  ,may be a little hard for an unbeliever.

Also we have to learn to stand still when we are provoked , mocked , to wait under adverse conditions , to still believe that in their darkest hour , they will once again see the sun shine.

May we all patiently wait for Christ's return!

Another posture for the Christian Soldier is 'Double Time'! 

Photo by  Pixabay

 Constantly moving forward!  Some Christians are always found sleeping g on their gun.  Instead of double time  , some Christians seem to be more familiar with the 'goose step'  , picking up their feet and placing them back down in the same spot , never moving forward.

Christians should not be happy unless they are moving forward.  We must learn how to progress , to grow in grace and in knowledge of our lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Never think you are doing anything unless you are moving forward.  That is having more love , more hope , more joy , and are extending your sphere of usefulness.

Soldiers of Christ!   Quick March!  Onward , onward , onward soldiers of Christ.  Step forward not backwards.

Another posture is one that is very hard to learn.  It is something that a soldier is never told to do , by his captain , except a soldier of it is.......'eyes shut , ears shut , heart shut.....this posture is good to use when entering areas of utter foolishness!   Eyes shut so as not to look on temptation.  Ears shut to neither consider the praise or taunts of the world.  Hearts shut against evil.

But the Golden principal.........I have hidden thy word in my heart , that I might not sin against you.  Be sure to roll a large stone in front of the door of your heart , so sin cannot come out of it.  This is a hard posture , but until you maintain this , you will not be able to fight the battles of the Lord!

Yet another posture...........Feet firm , sword in hand , eyes wide open , looking at your enemy , watching every move he makes.  Watching also for an opportunity to kill him with your sword! 

Photo by   Pixabay

You must maintain this posture everyday.  Guard against the flaming arrows of the enemy.  Hold up your shield and be ready to run directly at him , to give him a deadly wound.  Don't miss an opportunity!  Wound your enemy when you can!  Destroy sin , destroy error , destroy bitterness , as often as you have the opportunity to do so.

Another posture....This is a joyful one for the child to take up.......'Hands wide open , heart wide open , when you are helping your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Be willing to lend a hand in whatever the church needs , and an eye to lookout for help , when you can't give it.  Be ready to guide a hand whenever needed , with a heart open to listen to the needs of another.  Rejoice with those who rejoice and likewise weep with those who are weeping.

And above all , the best posture is patiently waiting for the return of Christ.  Let us all look forward to the glorious appearance of Jesus Christ.

Now if you apply these postures to your life , you will be mighty in the day of battle!  Mighty to put down the enemy.

Now for some strong words from Mr. Spurgeon........

"Oh Christian men and women!  The more you think of it , the more we should be ashamed of ourselves , of the church today , as we do so little for Christ!  In the first century of the church there were a handful of men and women in an upper room.  They were so devoted to their master and true to his cause , that within 100 years , they had influenced every nation of the then inhabitable earth.  Within 50 years they had preached the gospel in every land.   Now take note of the large congregations assembled every Sunday.  Ask yourself , what will all the people do in 50 years time?  What do these churches do in any year of their existence?   why hardly nothing at all.   I do wonder how long God will allow this to go on?  There are churches on every corner!  Yet , I fear people won't change until their country is invaded!

Then men of the early church had no money , or extra clothing , and they went everywhere preaching the word and God was with them and the world heard them and were converted.

My brothers and sisters!  look around you and see what you can do.   Do something today!  Don't let this day go by without trying to win a soul to God.  Fight the battles of the Lord and the Lord will be with you.

* Charles Spurgeon has many sermons at ''