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This month's message......... 1/30/08

The Spirit World

TKC Ministries - Leon Hagins

It is my desire to encourage you to seek after God. Most people can go days weeks, months, and even years without ever thinking about God. We as Christians believe that God is a spirit and he dwells in a spirit world.

We believe the we all are on a collision course with eternity. Whether you believe it or not, or just simply choose to dismiss it and carry on as if you won’t have to face it. The fact remains you are going to spend eternity somewhere.

Jesus said "God is a spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and truth.......John 4:24

God's word is mysterious and fascinating and I challenge you to start spending some time reading the scriptures.

2Timothy 2:15 says "study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth"

I enjoy reading and studying the many super natural events that take place throughout the bible. Angels, seraphim, cherubim are just a few of the beings we see throughout scripture. God himself has even come down, on many occasions and dwelt with people…. Genesis 3:8-19, Genesis 18:1, Genesis 26:2-4

God has eaten with people Exodus 24: 1 - 11, and even wrestled with a man…Genesis 32: 24 - 32

Just a few examples of people who experienced some exciting, intense, and sometimes frightful supernatural encounters found in the bible........

*Moses - God Spoke to Moses from a burning bush that was not consumed by the flames - Exodus 3:2

*Joshua - The Captain of the Lord's host appeared to Joshua (with a sword in his hand)
Joshua 5:13-15

*Saul - consulted a medium to tap into the spirit world - 1Samuel 28:4-25

*Elijah - calls fire down from heaven - 2Kings 1:7-15

*Elijah - is taken away in a chariot of fire - 2Kings 2:8-14

*Isaiah - saw the Lord sitting on a throne at the temple - Isaiah chapter 6

*Ezekiel - was a very spiritual man to whom God revealed himself to, using fascinatining and dynamic spiritual encounters throughout the entire book.

Examples........ Ezekiel chapters 1-3 visions of God's Glory (heavy duty visions of God's throne, God himself, wheels within wheels, rings with eyes, and four living creatures each having four faces and four wings)
Ezekiel 37 - God once again shows his sovereign power as he commands Ezekiel to talk to a valley of dry bones. As he obeys God and speaks to the bones, they all come together to form an army of soldiers that is exceedingly great .......the whole house of Israel. Some Jewish people and bible prophecy teachers feel this is a prophecy concerning the Jewish people coming out of the holocaust, rebuilding into a new nation and establishing one of the most effective militaries on the planet. Not to mention the technological, scientific, medical and agricultural advancements they have made. This all coming from a country about to the size of the state of New Jersey.
The Prophet Ezekiel also had a unique ministry in that a large portion of his preaching was "pantomime" based…..meaning the prophet, rather than speaking a word from God, he would actually act out the word from God. A few examples Ezekiel 3:22-27 , chapters 4,5,6.

Ezekiel 8 - the prophet encounters a spiritual being which actually grabs him by the lock of his hair.

*Daniel - had an encounter with the angel Gabriel.. Daniel 9:20 , and he also had an encounter with Christ…. Daniel 10:5-6. This appears to be the same being John saw on the isle of Patmos… Revelation 1:9-18

*John also experienced the spectacular scene
of God's throne room , of things to come upon the earth and mankind, and the revelation of Jesus Christ - Revelation Chapters 4-22

*Jesus after his resurrection appeared to Mary, then the disciples, whom he also dined with, walked and talked with, and allowed them to feel his body and wounds. Jesus even cooked them a meal……John chapters 20 and 21

*Jesus - some time after his death and resurrection, appeared to Saul (later named Paul), in a very dramatic way , and had a little chat with him about how he was conducting business…..Acts 9

*Paul and Silas - singing praises to God at midnight, while in prison and in stocks. God sends a great earthquake that sets all the prison doors open and loosens all the bonds on all the prisoners…..Acts 16: 22 - 34
The following information is taken from "The Dakes Annotated Reference Bible
(KJV, page 1048 The Spirit World (Psalm.104:4)............ By the spirit world we mean all the various kinds of spirit beings that inhabit the unseen material worlds in space and under the earth (Phil 2:10 ; Rev. 5:3, 13)

10 Kinds of Spirit Beings Besides God

1) Seraphim (Is. 6:1-7)

2) Cherubim (Gen. 3:24 ; Ez. 1:5-28 ; 8:1-4 ; 10:1-22)

3) Zoa, or Living Creatures (Rev. 4:6-5:14 ; 6:1-8 ; 7:11 ; 14:39, 9-11 ; 15:7 ; 19:4

4) Spirit Animals shaped like the fleshy ones we have on earth (2 Ki. 2:11-12 ; 6:13-17 ; Zech. 1:8-11 ; 6:1-8 ; Rom. 1:20 ; 2 Cor. 12:1-4 : Rev. 19:11-21)

5) Archangels, or chief angels who rule kingdoms and planets ( Col. 1:15-18 ; 1 Th. 4:16; Jude 9)

(A) Michael, one of the chief princes, the prince of Israel ( Dan. 10:13,21 ; 11:1 ; 12:1 ; 1 Th.4:16 ; Jude 9 ; Rev. 12:7-9

(B) Gabriel, who stands before God ( Dan. 8:16-19 ; 9:20-23 ; 10:8-11 :1 ; Lk. 1:19, 26)

(C) Lucifer, the original ruler of the planet earth and present pseudo-ruler of man's dominion on earth (Isa. 14:12-14 ; Ez. 28:11-17; Mt. 4:1-11 ; Lk. 10:18 ; Eph. 2:2 ; Rev.12:7-9)

(D) Unnamed princes of Persia and Grecia (Dan 10:13 , 11:1 ; Rev. 11:7 ; 17:8)

6) common angels (ref. Dakes bible pg 1048 common angels)

7) demons

8) demon locusts ( Rev. 9:1-11)

9) demon horsemen ( Rev. 9:12-21)

1)0 The inner man, or soul and spirit of human beings

(Dakes Bible ...see spirit and soul in index)

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