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Current Message - The Number 7
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In the bible you will find that certain numbers, as you go throughout scripture , represent the same thing.
The number one - Divine unity, supremacy, and independency, sufficiency which needs no other.
The number three -in measurements, there are 3 dimensions, length, breadth and thickness, which make up a solid, which speaks of solidity. A symbol of completeness. Also means divine testimony or manifestation. This manifestation is sometimes seen in resurrection of moral things, physical, or spiritual. Besides the number seven, it is the most commonly used number in scripture.
The number twelve - the number of manifest sovereignty. A divine and perfect government on earth. It is the symbol of governmental perfection.
The number forty - means a trial, full probation, complete testing. The children of Israel for forty days of unbelief, spent forty years in the wilderness, learning the lessons of obedience and dependence on God (Deut. 8:2)
Jesus was tempted by Satan for forty days. (Luke 4:2)
The Lord caused it to rain upon the earth for forty days and forty nights - Genesis 7:4
Ref. “Numbers in the bible” by Robert D. Johnston
My subject deals with the number seven - it represents completeness or spiritual perfection. It is the most frequently found number in the bible, being listed a total of 735 times in the bible , 54 of those times in the book of revelation. Ref. Biblical Mathematics by Evangelist Ed F. Vallowe. Additional information can be found at the following website This website discusses many of the scenarios in the bible which use the number seven.
Now let’s take a look at some scriptures in the bible where the number seven is used, and although I , in no way, can cover all the times it is used, here are just a few of the well known ones.

Creation accomplished in 7 days - Gen 2:2 - please note, that this creation is actually a restoration of what God had created in the beginning Genesis 1:1. After the fall of Lucifer , the earth was in chaos, and became, dark, void, and completely flooded. And this was before Noah’s Flood Gen. 7:4

Above picture taken from - God and his creation.
Joseph interprets Pharoah’s dreams - Genesis Chapter 41 - Joseph tells Pharoah that there will be 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine.


Above,Joseph summoned from prison to interpret Pharoah's dream. Picture taken from who’s who in the bible page 245

There are 7 feasts in Mosaic Law Ref. - old testament , especially the books Numbers and Leviticus.

In Joshua chapter 6 - There are.........
7 priests




7 rams horn trumpets
days the city was to be compassed
7 times
the city was to be compassed on the seventh day.


In II Kings chapter 5 - A mighty Syrian military leader by the name of Naman, was a victim of leprosy. He is one of ten cases of leprosy found in the bible. He visit’s the man of God, Elisha, who informs him that he must go and wash himself 7 times in the Jordan River.


Elijah’s servant had to look 7 times to see the cloud - I Kings 18:43
Psalm 119:164 -
The Psalmist said 7 times a day do I praise thee.
There are 7 parables in Matthew chapter 13
Jesus blessed 7 loaves , and 7 baskets of fragments were taken up.
Mark 8:5
7 Gifts in Romans 12:6-8 -
Showing mercy
7 Eternal things - in the book of Hebrews:
God, 1:11
King of peace,
Sacrifice, 10:12 , and 13:20

The book of Revelation is full of the number 7. As I stated earlier it is used 54 times in this book. In chapter 1 , John encounters Christ on the island of Patmos. The below painting shows Christ surrounded by 7 Golden candlesticks, and in his right hand there are 7 stars - Revelation 1:9-18

The above painting is being used by permission of the artist , "Pat Marvenko Smith". You can see and purchase more of her wonderful artwork at " "

A few more scriptures dealing with the numer 7 - Ref. Dakes Bible.


7 things God is to his people
1) A shield -
Gen. 15:1
2) Exceeding great reward -
Gen. 15:1
3) A jealous God -
Ex. 20:5
4) Gracious -
Ex. 22:27
5) Holy -
Lev.11:44 - 45
6) Their part -
Num. 18:20
7) Their inheritence - Num. 18:20



In Deuteronomy 7:9-10 - seven things to know about God
The Lord your God, He is God
2) He is the faithful God. Literally , this entire statement is Jehovah (the Eternal) your Elohim (Creator). He is the Elohim (the creator), the faithful El (the Almighty, the strong one)

In Exodus chapter 32 - we see 7 accusations of God
1) Corrupted themselves -
v 7
2) Turned asside quickly -
v 8
3) Made a molten image
4) Worshipped it
5) Sacrificed to it
6) Claimed it to be the god that led them out of egypt
7) Been stiffnecked v 9God appeared to Jacob
7 times...
Genesis 28:13-15
Genesis 31:11-13
Genesis 32:1-2 , 24-32
Genesis 35:1-5 , 9-13
Genesis 46:2- 4
More sevens in the book of Revelation
7 Churches -
Rev. 1:4
7 Golden candlesticks -
Rev. 1:12
7 Spirits -
Rev. 1:4 ; Isa. 11:2
7 Stars -
Rev. 5:5
7 Seals -
Rev. 1:20
7 Trumpets -
Rev. 8:2 ; 8:6-13 ; 9:14 ; 11:15
7 Plagues -
Rev. 15:6
7 Vials -
Rev. 15:7


3) he keeps covenant with his people
4) He shows mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments
5) He keeps covenant and shows mercy to a thousand generations - eternal generations.
6) He repaytheth them that hate him to their face; that is, they will personally know that their judgment is from God.
7) His payment to rebels is death - they will perish at the hands of God.

7 Miraculous Conceptions
1) Sarah ( Issac,
Gen.21:1-2 , Heb.11:11-12)
2) Rebekah (Jacob and Esua,
Gen. 25:21-26)
3) Rachel (Joseph,
Gen. 30:22)
4) Manoah's Wife (Samson,
Judg. 13:3-24)
5) Hannah (Samuel,
1st Samuel 1:19 - 20)
6) Elizabeth ( John the Baptist,
Lk. 1:24 - 58)
7) Mary ( Jesus Christ, Mt. 1:18 - 25 ; Lk. 1:31 - 35)